The Dandelions are Here!!

Dandelions are amazing – they are great for the soil, the insects (especially the pollinators) love them and of course they excellent for our health and wellness too. Gather plant medicine where there is energy. Right now – the Dandelion flowers are inviting us out to play. Here is a favourite recipe of mine – to be made on a lovely sunny day when the dew has evaporated and the Dandelion flowers are ready to gather up!

Recipe for Dandelion Flower Cordial – easy to make and full of Dandelion goodness!!

Dandelion Flower Cordial

3 cups of packed fresh picked dandelion blossoms (all green parts removed)
2/3 cup of sugar, honey or other sweetener
the rind of ½ a lemon, cut into thin strips
3 to 4 cups of vodka (minimum 80 proof – which is 40% alcohol)

Place dandelion blossoms in large jar – 1 quart size should be fine for this amount. Add the sweetener and the lemon peel. Add the vodka, ensuring that the flowers are well covered. Store in a dark cupboard and shake regularly. Let stand for 2 to 3 weeks, at least. Strain through fine cheesecloth and store the cordial in a glass bottle with a lid. Serve as is or over ice with a twist of lemon. Cheers!

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