Herbal Workshops

Herbal Workshops

I offer herbal medicine courses, workshops and seminars. And as soon as the weather is welcoming –
I can be found outside leading wild plant walks in the city and the country.
My current listing of herbal workshops is posted below. These are updated regularly – so be sure to check back for new events.
If you are curious about your own space – you can arrange for a plant medicine session in your own garden.
I can help you to identify the plants in your yard and teach you about the medicinal uses for the herbs we find there.
Have a peek through my site to find out more about my Intensive Herbal Training Courses – Foundations in Herbal Medicine
and check out the blog posts with new photos, plant thoughts and, of course, recipes.
My style of teaching is participatory, informative and fun – hope that our paths meet one day soon!

“Thank you again for such a nourishing workshop.
It is exactly what I needed to calm and centre me and get my creative juices flowing
and affirm all the goodness in getting to know the local flora and putting that knowledge to good use.”
– Shannon, Toronto, ON

Plant Walk and Medicine Making Day

OCTOBER 30, 2016   11am-4pm
This practical and interactive workshop is a beautiful opportunity to deepen your knowledge of and connection with the plant world
during a guided plant medicine walk with Danette – at Simpler Thyme organic farm in Hamilton.  You will learn to identify
and get to know several local medicinal plants by slowing down to really look, touch, smell, taste and meditate with the plants.
Danette will share plant wisdom and answer questions about the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs. We will discuss
sustainable approaches to wild gathering and practice respectful relationship with the land during our walk and plant harvest.
Everyone will learn how to prepare a number of quality herbal remedies such as tinctures, infused oils and ointments,
infusions and herbal vinegars with fresh plants.
You will get to make and bring home your own herbal creations – along with some great recipes for future wild plant adventures!

$65 (includes all materials)
Simpler Thyme Farm, Hamilton, Ontario
Pre-registration is required – To Register:  Contact Danette

Winter Herbs for Immunity + Wellness

NOVEMBER 13, 2016   1pm – 4pm
Create your own plant-based remedies for winter wellness during this practical workshop with Danette
at ROWAN Apothecary and Homespun Market in The Beach.
During this class you will immerse yourself in plant medicine teachings while tasting yummy herbal teas and tonics.
Danette will talk about the many benefits of these preparations and provide guidance in the kitchen as we whip up herbal concoctions.
Together we will make remedies that are safe and effective for building resilience throughout the winter season.
Delectable recipes for food and medicine to keep you and your family warm and well will be shared.
You will leave inspired – and bring home a herbal tonic and lots of ideas for creating more healthy herbals in your own kitchen.

$60+hst (includes all materials)
ROWAN Homespun Market – Queen Street East
To Register: www.rowanhomespun.com

Folk Medicine and Magic for the Spring Equinox

MARCH 15, 2017    6:30pm – 8:30pm

Spring Equinox is the time of renewal and rebirth, when the wheel of the seasons turns such that day and night are equal and in balance. The sparkling light of springtime is newly warming the earth’s surface and our spirits – bringing the early stirrings of new energy and vitality. Together we will honour the quickening of life energy after the relative stillness of winter, welcoming in the growing sunlight with our own candle fire and ritual. We will plant seeds of clear intent, both literally and metaphorically, while we clear out the cobwebs and strengthen our innate ability to find balance and wellness.
Wild Wise Woman Danette – the herbalist, will share folk wisdom and herbal remedies for strengthening and revitalizing ourselves in springtime. Herbal Adaptogens and Alteratives will be the focus for discussions and medicine-making. You will go home with a herbal spring tonic and a newly planted green ally to support you in your earth-centred journey.

$60+hst (includes all materials)
ROWAN Homespun Market – Queen Street East
To Register: www.rowanhomespun.com

Winter Wellness in Riverside

NOVEMBER 24, 2016   6:30-8pm
Create your own remedies for winter wellness!!
During this workshop you will taste herbal teas and tonics and learn about the health benefits of many common kitchen herbs.
We will be in the RTC kitchen and everyone will make a delicious preparation that is superb for building resilience during the winter season. You will bring home a herbal tonic – along with some great ideas for creating more herbal goodies in your own kitchen.

FREE – space is limited – so be sure to register soon!
Toronto Public Library – Queen/Saulter Branch
To Register – please stop by or call the Library at: 416-393-7510

Herbal Spring Tonics

MARCH 23, 2017   6:30-8pm
Gathering, preserving and storing herbs is a delicious tradition for putting aside the bountiful Fall harvest.
During this busy, practical, hands-on session, participants will have fun learning about several methods of preserving
the herbal harvest for food and medicine – while tasting samples of herbal Tonics, Elixirs, Syrups, Vinegars and more ….
There will be time to learn and practice making herbal preparations and everyone will bring home some terrific recipes
– as well as the herbal tonics and remedies made in class – to share and enjoy in the months to come!

FREE – space is limited – so be sure to register soon!
Toronto Public Library – Queen/Saulter Branch
To Register – please stop by or call the Library at: 416-393-7510

My Winter Intensive Herbal Training Course in Toronto

The Winter 2016-2017 FOUNDATIONS in HERBAL MEDICINE: Intensive Herbal Training Course
still has a few places open if you are interested!
This Course is taught on 12 Sundays over a six month period from NOVEMBER 2016 through MAY 2017.
Using a case study approach, students learn how to use herbal remedies in a hands-on environment.
By the end of the course, participants will have a complete herbal dispensary – made in class –
and the ability to use these herbal remedies with confidence.

For details and to Register: Contact Danette and see Intensive Herbal Training page