Garden Design

Consultations – in the healing garden

There are many people who want to have plants in their surroundings at home and in the work place. I design and coordinate the installation of edible gardens for yards, balconies and rooftops. In my designs, I specialize in plants that are used for food and medicine and that also benefit pollinators. I am an organic grower using sustainable strategies and permaculture principles.

The approach I take throughout the design process is collaborative. All clients complete a design questionnaire for my review before we meet. We then start with an initial consultation to assess the space, the resources and the priorities and goals for the garden. This can take one hour or more – depending on the space and the goals. I then develop a proposed garden outline for review. If the client wishes to move forward with a complete garden design – I use an iterative process and create a garden design with input from the client.

Once a garden design is agreed upon, an installation timeline and plan is developed. Then – the garden is planted and enjoyed by all!! A basic guide for garden care and how to use the plants in the garden is part of the total package. Ongoing garden maintenance services are also available.

“This was the stuff I was looking for!  Hands on, practical experience with turning some wild gathered herbs into something I can use as a remedy or as healthy nourishment.”
– Michael, Pontypool, ON


Initial Consultation: $250 + HST
Garden Design Process: Based on size – quotes available
Installation of Garden: Based on size – quotes available
Maintenance Services: $50 + HST per person hour